Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rocco Palmo unveiled!

Busted Halo carries an exclusive profile of Rocco Palmo, the mysterious author behind the wildly popular Whispers in the Loggia. [Well not quite unveiled. For obviously reasons, in a blogosphere inhabited by vicious Taliban Catholics (to use a delightful phrase an aquaintance -- a leader in the SC prolife movement, incidentally -- passed on), he won't publish a picture of himself.]

I will unashamedly confess that I'm a Whispers fan. I love the camp, the gossip. But not just that, the substance. And his sources are just amazing!

The last time I was in DC I was talking with a friend who works at Georgetown. I said that Whispers is written by a young fellow, out of college (the clues were all over the blog. I guess people thought it was a front. I just took it at face value). "No way! He's got to be a priest or a former priest! He knows too much!" An opinion, apparently, that was shared by many. Well mlp -- you were wrong. :)

And you know what's awesome? A phenomenon such as Whispers would have been inconceivable before the rise of the blogosphere.

To detractors: ecclesiastical machinations, power-plays and gossips are as old as the Church herself. That a window into this world is now available to a vast readership, regardless of ecclesiastical connections or access, is only a good thing, IMO.

I am also impressed by the fact that despite having such a vast readership, Rocco hasn't made any money at all. Now that's a labor of love. I just pray that our intrepid young fellow be able to continue his work, which he loves so dearly, and which so many enjoy.

Keep it going Rock!

And of course, I'm hugely proud that this profile of the man behind Whispers was done by Busted Halo, an outreach of my peeps.

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