Monday, June 12, 2006

Photo of the First Calvary ...

First Calvary
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A few days back Mike Aquilina at The Fathers of the Church blog reported on the exciting archeological discovery from Spain's Basque country ... including what is probably the earliest representation of the Crucifixion, from the third century. Now he links to this photo on Flickr.

Amazing to think back to these ancestors in the faith ...

[I have to say, I've never seen a crucifixion which says "RIP" above Jesus' head. One would expect to see INRI or some derivative ...? I mean does one really say requiescat in pace of Jesus? Hmm ... ]

[Oh. Just realized how the title of this post sounds. Nope, no photographs from the real first calvary. Sorry! I'll leave it up, however. :-)]

[Apparently I've been linked from a Basque site ... Bienvenidos a los que han venido de Filoblogia. Desafortunadamente no hablo su lenguaje, pero, me alegra que estén aquí. ¡Que disfruten! ¡Saludos!]

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