Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh don't tell me they're serious ...

[From The Indian Catholic] Lay Catholic group wants India to enact a law against blasphemy.
It noted that in recent times, almost every religious group has had reason to protest against media work or art forms that hurt their feelings.

As a result, the nation “faces an imminent danger of a communal conflagration or an even more serious threat and accusations that India is no more secular or a respecter of basic human or minority rights,” the release noted.
So the answer is to draft a blasphemy law? Are they serious? Can any Christian group talk seriously about blasphemy laws given how such laws are used in the only part of the world that they really have any teeth, i.e. in the Muslim world, to persecute and even kill, Christians?

And no, the US does not have a blasphemy law. Thank God.

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