Saturday, June 17, 2006

Driving in india

Courtesy of You Tube --- see the traffic flow pattern in India. Completely different rules! And, I must say, I'm quite happy with myself. Pretty much straight off the plane, I can get in the driver's seat and navigate this [guess it helps that I learned how to drive here!]. The different sets of rules just "clicks on" :) [There are rules. Keep moving. Unless there's something in front of you. In which case move around it. And always stop for the bigger guy. And, the horn is an essential device. It's like periodically announcing to the world that you exist ...


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Note to self: wait until Gashwin has been back in the States FOR-A-WHILE before letting him drive you around.

Awesome video.

St. Izzy said...

I've seen one crazier intersection video -- a tiny little video from Saigon:

There's also a video I have somewhere from a motorized rickshaw ride in Pakistan.

Watching the videos is nothing like the taxi ride I got from Fiumicino to the train station in Rome, though.

Now THAT was a ride.


Gashwin said...

Hmm -- I'm sure Saigon would resemble many parts of India during the middle of the day. That intersection (Calcutta, methinks) was obviously photographed early in the day!

Now Italy is another ballgame. It's actually not as chaotic as India. But a lot more chaotic than the Northern Europe/N. America, and at comparable speeds! Which is what makes it more hair-raising! (In India, all this craziness is normally taking place at, oh, the lethal velocity of 20-40kmh. A whole lot diferent than 35mph!)

St. Izzy said...

As long as we're discussing driving on a theology blog, this would be a good time to drag out a chestnut from 1996 -- Hermeneutics in Everyday Life. Depending on where you look, it is attributed to both Gary Holt and to Tim Perry. I'm sure someone knows who wrote it. I hope they get their just reward.

And yes, I DO know how to make a live link here, but it's just too cludgy to deal with. Some software lets me use url /url tags. Some just let use a certain combo of brackets. I ain't doin the href thing here. So copy & paste.

Oh, yeah... and enjoy:
or any one of dozens of other iterations.


Gashwin said...

Oh that was hilarious!

And while this is largely (and even primarily) a theology blog, the subtitle says: Catholica, Indica, Et Cetera. So yah. :)

Napoleon said...

See, I think this does fit into a theology blog, because it is a undeniable miracle that no accidents occured during the taping of that video. Wow.

Gashwin said...

By that standard, India is a constant miracle! :)