Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cattle ... and a hiatus?

Westerners love the menagerie that Indian roads are.


I'd just taken this one and as the camera was resetting, we passed by a guy milking a buffalo. Oh durn.


So, one has to ask, in that silly Hindi nonsense question. Akal badi ya bhens? Is the mind bigger, or a buffalo?


[Will be heading to Bombay tomorrow. Much to do (with tests for dad). And I know way too many people in the metropolis. Which means I'll have a life. So, blogging will likely be light.] Posted by Picasa


assiniboine said...

Aren't buffalo photogenic. I still gnash my teeth over having left my camera behind when I was in a village in rural Sindh and there was a group of men and boys wearing shalwar-qameezes and lungis playing volleyball with two water buffalo lying beside the court taking a companionable interest in the proceedings. Had I managed to photograph that one I'd have submitted it to the National Geographic Society.

assiniboine said...

Check this out, if you didn't do so when it was first published. I am curious to hear your reactions to India as a rather thoroughly acculturated American who nevertheless lived in India into adulthood. An Indian friend here in Australia finds India far less tolerable than we goras do: mostly because he can't get his head around the hard-heartedness of his somewhat nauseatingly pious high-caste Christian relatives towards the poor: they called him "candy floss" because he was such a wimp when it came to dealing with beggars. (I have to say, for all its screwiness, Pakistan has no beggars at all, hijras aside -- the Muslim zakat, the obligatory tithe for the poor -- takes care of that.)

assiniboine said...

(Check what out? This: http://www.slate.com/id/2143259/entry/0/ )