Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cardinal Dias' talk

... which I missed.

This from Asianews:
Cardinal Dias said three evils threatened the country: “Ethnic chauvinism, the caste system and corruption”. He expressed hope that India’s many parties and politicians would show themselves to be above all statesmen of moral integrity, committed to working for the poor and outcast. The cardinal reiterated that the work of the Church in India in the fields of education, social welfare and health does not have, and never did have, the aims of proselytism and conversions.
... Here's the inter-faith dialogue bit that I did catch,
Kala Archarya of the Inter-Religious Centre at Somaiya College in Mumbai described Dias as a “light in India, who set inter-faith dialogue aflame, following in the footsteps of John Paul II”. She expressed hope that “the whole world may find its path in the route he has traced”.

The Archdiocesan webpage has a whole series of tributes (many of which I noticed were published in the latest issue of the Archdiocesan magazin, The Examiner) and some "I have a dream" excerpts from the Cardinal's speech.

Incidentally, the See is officially vacant, and Bishop Bosco Penha has been elected the Apostolic Administrator.

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