Thursday, June 15, 2006

Canon, Creed and Council ...

... the three Cs that govern the Church. Seems like it's Council time. The US Catholic Bishops are meeting in LA. One of the main items on the agenda: the new liturgical translations for the Mass. Rocco is covering it closely. Of course, one could follow the secular papers too ... but why? :-)

Then there's the other council. The Episcopal General Convention in Columbus. [Which really isn't a Council in the sense of a council of bishops alone. They have lay delegates too.] I really wasn't going to bring it up. It's a little sad to see a communion rupture itself so painfully. I am more and more convinced that schism is inevitable. Perhaps, at this juncture, when the two "sides" barely speak the same language, it's perhaps best to walk away. Anyway, I won't say too much more. I'm an outsider. Let charity prevail.

For local flavor on GC2006 [umm. local SC. not local India. Sheesh. My head spins at times :)], Dean Phil Linder of Trinity Cathedral downtown is liveblogging from the convention.

I will add this much, from David Hartline (of the Catholic Report, who's also at GC. Guess it was more interesting than the USCCB meet in LA?), via Amy (who has lots of other links, of course).
Dave Hartline: The traditional side says 2,000 years of Christian tradition is being altered. How do you respond?

Herschel Hartford: Who are we to tell someone how to live and think?

Dave Hartline: Do you think there is any black and white in the Episcopal Church?

Herschel Hartford: Yes, we are against poverty, racism, sexism and bias against sexual orientation.

Dave Hartline: Is abortion black and white

Herschel Hartford: No, it is in the eye of the beholder. It is a very complicated issue.

Dave Hartline: Is human life black and white?

Hershel Hartford Again, human life and its beginnings are a very complicated issue.
(There's also a very brief chat later on with Bishop Robinsion as well) :: sigh :: Of course, it's not entirely fair, to be pigeonholed by a reporter, I guess. But, then, poverty, racism, sexism and bias against sexual orientation aren't complicated issues, while abortion and human life are?

As I said. Not the same language. It's really sad.

[And, not that any regular readers of this blog would have any doubts, when it comes to the divisions that are threatening the Episcopal Church, I am on the traditional side of things.]

Time to pray!

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Hershel Hartford said...

I remember my conversation with mr Hartline and must heartly disagree with his reccollection of both the questions he asked and the answers I gave.