Sunday, June 18, 2006

Atlanta Eucharistic Congress Photos

Afbeelding 055
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I'm waiting eagerly to read about the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta. [No, I wasn't there. I'm ~10,000 miles away, in India]. Fr. Roderick of Daily Breakfast fame has put up 100+ pictures from the Congress at his Flickr. account (just click on the photo or go to SQPN). Of course, he's podcast about it too.

Nothing yet at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, or really, that I could find, in the Catholic blogosphere.

However, looking at Fr. Roderick's photos, and from this one description at Open Book, it seems like it was a fantastic event. Had I been back home, I'd have surely attended.

Looking through Fr. Roderic's photos, I was struck by the photos of the altar area. They really tried to, and, I think, succeeded, in making it resemble a sanctuary, a sacred space where the Holy Sacrifice was going to be offered. I've been to many a Catholic convention in a large hall, and I think (going, of course, only from photographs!) that this serves as a great model for trying to make the best of a space that isn't normally designed for worship.

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