Thursday, June 29, 2006

400 Jewish families rule America

Last week I happened to take the suburban train back to the Andherin from Churchgate (downtown). I was at the window and dozing off to the clickety-clack of the wheels on the rails (Yes, I got on at the first stop. And I was in First Class. That's why I had a seat). The two guys squeezed against me (A seat for 3 normally seats 4, sometimes 5. The latter really only in Second Class :)) were chattering animatedly. One had a long black beard and a Muslim skull cap. Suddenly this snippet floats across and grabs my attention. "Yes, there are only 400 families that rule America. All Jewish." More about how the Jews rule the world. How Israel is desperate for stability but will never actually get it. How Americans are really dumb, especially since they let 400 Jewish family rule over them, and pull the wool over their eyes. It wasn't really a conversation but a monologue. His friend didn't say much other than, "Oh yeah? Really?"

They got off at Bandra.

The much talked about anti-semitism of the Muslim world. First hand.

[Though, the "Americans are dumb" trope is quite commonplace, and certainly not restricted to Indian Muslims.]


St. Izzy said...

Gashwin recounts:
"The much talked about anti-semitism of the Muslim world. First hand."

Take out the comments about how dumb Americans are, and you could hear the same stuff back here among the nominal Babdists of Pelion and Red Bank. It's not quite as flagrant as talk of Jews in Hollywood and International Banking used to be, but you'll still hear it.

OK, maybe you won't hear it, but when I'm passing for redneck, I hear it.

who had to persuade his own brother that a gimme cap emblazoned with "If you ain't American, you ain't s[...]!" simply did not go with the tuxedo in the wedding party

Gashwin said...

Yep, you're quite right, I won't hear it! :)