Sunday, June 25, 2006

10 things I hate about India

10 things I hate about India [Via Coray]. Oh I'll agree to all 10. Especially numbers 2, 7, 9 and 10. (And, I too face the same "foreigner" price jump now -- since I'm an NRI. If the airlines find that out, the fares I pay jump two-fold or more! Until then, I can "pass" -- as long as they don't ask for proof of residence in India.)

Then there's Swaminathan Iyer's op-ed in today's TOI. "The West's discovery of India." This is the crucial part,
But unless the state is transformed from a callous exploiter into one that actually serves citizens, unless we get a half-satisfactory police-judicial system, unless we create incentives that reward desirable behaviour of officials and politicians and penalise undesirable behaviour, I doubt if India can become an economic superpower.
That first-part, the state as exploiter, is the real key. [This was the topic of conversation at lunch yesterday at the President hotel's swanky Konkan Cafe with a friend from school. "This is the difference between a developed and developing country."]

Not to pick on my des. But we in the urban elite tend to forget quite easily of the "other" India. Even when it's right around the corner in the shanty, or in the face of the kid begging on the street on the other side of air-conditioned cocoon.

Anyway, all Indians are proud that India's image in the world is changing. Just check out last week's issue of Time.

[And oh I'm having net withdrawals with limited dialup time at my Uncle's in Bombay! :-| It'll be worse this coming week, I think, when I'll be in Pune on family business.]

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