Friday, May 26, 2006

Win some, lose some ...

Via Asianews. Tamil Nadu's draconian anti-conversion law to be repealed ... and the CBCI notes that the Chhatisgarh law is to be made more stringent.
The BJP government in Chattisgarh intends to pass a Bill to penalize people who change their faith without informing the state.

Those wishing to change their religion must inform the concerned district magistrate (DM) a month in advance before the change. The penalty for violation of this law could be between Rs 50,000 and a lakh and imprisonment up to 5 years.
Oh yes, this is simply to prevent "forced" conversions.


Napoleon said...

Logistical Question: What would be the compelling evidence in such a case? That you were caught going to a different Church one Sunday (or Tuesday, whatever the respective holy day would be) or if you were found donating, regularly or once, to another religion?

Gashwin said...

I guess the neighbors would report you? Or your family? This kind of state interference in the lives of citizens does not become a democracy.