Monday, May 08, 2006

Some random shots ...

That's St. Paul's Church in Seneca, SC. Last Sunday, I drove up there with Matt B for a farewell party for the CSPs, who're pulling out of ministry in SC (leaving the three upstate parishes they've pastored for 65 years). Nice function -- packed church (800+ people). We sat with the students from the student group at that other school. Nice to see the warmth and love the people had for their priests. "Giver your new priests the same love!" Fr. Bernie advised them. Nice BBQ dinner outside, though it was rainy, windy and rather cold for almost being May in SC!

On the drive back, we spotted this little church off SC28. Sounds intriguing. Practical Christianity. What more could one want!

And then there's this --- in the Columbiana Grande theater. All that talk about mega-churches and some evangelicals making worship into theater --- well, here, it is in a theater! It's in a cinema hall! Lawd-ha'-mercy! And what's up with the 24 theme? Wow. Guess it's all relevant n' stuff.

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