Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ni de aca ni de alla ...

So I was on the phone with AOL customer service changing my AOL pricing plan. (Having disconnected Time Warner, I don't get AOL free anymore). I was talking to a Christine ... who had some pretty decent American-accent training. However, I know Indian inflection pretty well. Besides, the fact that they pronounce my name (the real one) flawlessly, is a dead giveaway :) Anyway, turns out she was in Bangalore ... "Oh --- you're coming to India in a couple of days! Great! Welcome back!" and then ... "How long have you been away? Your accent has completely changed?"

I couldn't help but laugh. And continued the rest of the conversation in proper Indian English.

[Now as to the real question, why I insist on paying for AOL, that's another matter. Addiction maybe?]

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