Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ivan Dias to head Propaganda Fide ...

[Via Whispers] --- Ivan Cardinal Dias, until now Archbishop of Bombay, will be heading to Rome to head the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Whispers understands this as part of "Lo Tsunami," Benedict's reorginzation of the Curia. Cardinal Dias incidentally was somewhat papabile in the last interrgnum. Benedict continues the "internationalization" of the curia begun by Paul VI, and accelerated by John Paul II.
In tandem with Sri Lankan Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, secretary for the Congregation of Divine Worship, the selection of Dias to head the Propaganda Fide is the second of Benedict XVI's three major dicasterial appointees to date to have been called from the Indian subcontinent.
[The third, his first appointment, of course, is William Cardinal Levada, erstwhile Archbishop of San Francisco, to head the CDF.]

Here's the story from Indian Catholic and the Hindustan Times.

An Indian "red pope!" :)

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