Sunday, May 14, 2006


So, I was out at Harbison (yes, on a Sunday. Ugh. Traffic.) and it sounded like rocks falling on the car. Hailstorm. Mothball size or more. Scary! I've seen hailstorms, but I've never actually been out (well, covered, in a car) in one [There was that one time we took shelter from a tornado off I-70 in Kansas, but that's another story ...]. I pulled over to the Walmart, and the sun came out, and there was a huge, bright rainbow right over the "Always Low Prices" sign. Hmm. Why didn't I have my camera handy? [And why didn't I remember that my cellphone actually takes pictures? :)]. Oh well. WIS reports that the severe weather was, well severe. Pictures too. Columbia, SC: Storms leave at least 1,000 in the dark

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