Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Capital city landings ...

So, I'm in New Delhi. After an uneventful, if long, and mostly comfortable flight. I had extra-leg room. The flight was packed though (they accomodated all the carry-over from Sunday night's cancellation), and business first was, I'd say, 80% full. I must say that this is a very convenient way to get to the subcontinent. One overnighter, and you're there. No changes in the middle of sleep in Europe. And I slept quite a lot.

I must say that I always have this sense of the triumph of the empirical, when some 500,000lb+ of fuel, aluminum, wire, cargo and humans, launches itself into the air. Yes, one is always guarding against the overreaching exaggerations of scientism and empiricism. Yet, to me, every take-off is proof, in a solid, incontrovertible way, of the power of the scientific method and scientific reasoning. It is an awe inspiring sight, seeing a trans-continental airliner take to the air (and, of course, for a flight-lover like me, much more fun actually being inside). But it's no miracle. It's a carefully calculated balance of forces that results in this seemingly nature-defying event. Thousands of times. Each day.

So, some 13+ hours and 8000 miles later we land at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. I'm through with immigration and customs in 30 minutes, and another 40 minutes in the 93F heat (at 930 pm) later am at my brother's house. Off tomorrow by the afternoon flight, to Baroda, where the folks live.

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