Friday, May 05, 2006

Baroda riots ...

Since Monday, when a Sufi shrine was demolished by authorities (and police fired on a protesting crowd), there's been sectarian violence in Baroda (Vadodara). Nowhere near the area where the folks live, thankfully, but, obviously, this is way too close for comfort. The Army was called out today. Here's the NYT story. The specter of 2002 is in everyone's minds. And (as that piece in the Hindustan Times, by a member of the Communist Party of India also demonstrates), an opportunity for some politics: Gujarat is ruled by the Hindu-nationalist BJP, (in Opposition at the Center, i.e. Federal government) and this may be an excuse for the Center to dissove the state government and declare President's rule. Here's Friday's editorial from the Times of India. Friday night, there was more violence, and a man was burnt to death in his car.

Asianews relays the reaction from the CBCI (Catholic Bishops of India).

Please pray for an end to this!

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