Saturday, May 27, 2006

An average hollywood thriller, the book is more dangerous

Op-ed piece by Fr. Donald De Souza in today's Indian Express. Fr. De Souza was one of the delegation that watched the film before it was released by the Censors.
The informed among the Christian community, however, will be able to see the movie just as a cinematic experience and not let it affect their faith. But Christians not so conversant with the tenets of their faith face the likelihood of having their faith a bit shaken after watching the movie.

For the millions of others outside the Christian fold, the impact can be of two different kinds. Those who have followed the extensive media reports, both in print and on TV, about the church protests that are based on genuine reasons will be able to dub the movie a work of fiction.

And those who haven’t read or seen the in-depth explanation the church has given, may end up believing the movie as true.

That’s the precise reason why the church has pulled out all stops to educate the masses through the campaigns against the movie. And I believe that the book is a greater threat than the movie. The book needs to be read more critically than watching a film, which people still see as a form of fiction and entertainment. But both are aimed at distorting truth and attack the fundamentals of Christian faith.

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