Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Bunny ...

Got this in the email from JM. Sheesh.

I heard about this on the radio and wanted to explode!!! First, they take away
Merry Christmas and transform it into Happy Holidays--now THIS!!!

'Easter' Bunny Gives Way To 'Spring' Bunny - Some Local Malls Go P.C. For
Religious Holiday

Customers at local area malls are being taken by surprised to find that the
Easter Bunny they've come to know and love now has a new name. In fact, some
local malls now refer to the Easter icon as the "Spring Bunny." However, some
customers don't like the new trend.

"It makes me sad, because I think Easter is really important. The message is
important," Plano mother Deidra Klemm said. "And I think it's wrong to call him
the Spring Bunny. Let's just say what he really is."

Klemm is not alone. Another unidentified mother said, "The Easter Bunny is the
Easter Bunny. There's no getting around it."

Some popular malls that have adopted the new trend include The Shops at Willow
Bend in Plano and the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.
While it is definitely maddening that any public reference to Christianity is deemend unacceptable and offensive (in a way that really no other religion is), I was a little amused by "Let's just say what he really is." The Easter bunny? Just who is he, really? :-)


assiniboine said...

Ain't it just the truth. And if I reiterate, my apologies, but the real irony of the situation is that those who are supposedly being deferred to as to their non-Christian sensibilities are entirely oblivious: "Well it's culture, isn't it?" As when before Christmas I found myself in an almost entirely Asian (as to shopkeepers and customers) shopping mall and the piped music was an English collegiate choir singing "Ding Dong Merrily on High." Wouldn't find that downtown! It was so lovely I had to go sit down!

And Muslim Sindhi friends of mine who recently migrated to Canada thoroughly enjoyed putting up their first Christmas tree!

Anonymous said...


Spring Bunny? You must be nuts! Look what Jay Leno said on a similar note:

From Jay Leno

“In St. Paul, Minn., City Hall removed a display of an Easter bunny, pastel eggs and a sign with the words "Happy Easter" because they might offend non-Christians. Good thing. You certainly don't want anything Christian tainting a city called St. Paul.”

Source - LAUGH LINES; Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O' Brien (April 2, 2006, New York Times)



Catholic Mom said...

Here is more info on the St. Paul brouhaha as well as what the park authorities are doing in my neck of the woods (Fairfax, VA): Spring egg hunts and bone hunts. bone hunts?!