Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mepkin Abbey - I

Took a group down on retreat to the Abbey of Our Lady of Mepkin (a Trappist monastery) down near Moncks Corner. Mepkin Abbey is simply an amazing spot - it's always so peaceful and tranquil and silent. And, in my current frame of mind, a soothing balm.

We prayed Nones with the monks and had a few reflections on the Resurrection, and spend the afternoon wandering quietly through the beautiful grounds.

Vespers, as the sun lowers over the Cooper river, and the voices echo in the beautiful church, is always a special time. This time, it was especially wonderful to see Abbot Francis Kline, who's been battling leukemia, at the organ.

In this and following posts, I'll share a few photos from the trip.

As I said, the grounds are beautiful, especially this section on the Cooper River. (The last time we were here, there was a wedding taking place!)

The best spot for quiet contemplation ...

Love the algae/lichen/moss thingy on this stagnant water ... as I got closer I noticed with a start ...

... that there was another visitor basking in the sun! Posted by Picasa

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