Friday, April 28, 2006

I will awake the dawn ... (Ps 57)

So, on a whim, a few of us drove down to Folly Beach at 2:00 am and stayed up on the beach to greet the sunrise.

Just beautiful!

More at the Flickr page. [Link correct, thanks St. Eliz!]
Oh yeah --- now to catch up on sleep ... :-) Posted by Picasa


pritcher said...

oh, you bad, bad person. i have been so tempted to run away to the beach this week and not grade papers. now your blog is a near occasion to sloth for me.

i'm kidding.

those are beautiful.

also, sorry i missed you when i came through on tuesday.

Gashwin said...

Well, while you're at a near occasion, I've crossed over into sloth itself. [Looks askance at the pile of grading winking wickedly in the corner ... ]

If you'll be around before mid-May, let me know. Would love to catch up before I head back to India.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Flicker link should be to photos slash gashwin, not to photos dot gashwin.

Nice, very nice.

Glad you're getting those spontaneous travel moments before you had back to India.

assiniboine said...

What on earth kind of camera are you using?! I have NEVER been able to catch a sunrise or a sunset, however glorious, as you did!

Gashwin said...

Oh -- it's a Fuji Finepix S7000. A neat camera, for sure. The main thing when taking sunsets and sunrises is to underexpose a bit -- this silhouettes the foreground. In this case, I let the camera's light meter select the f-stop, and I controlled the shutter speed manually -- I believe those sunrise shots were taken at 1/1000s with the aperture at f/8 or thereabouts.

In a camera that doesn't give one control over these functions, one can try and get the light meter to meter for the sun itself, and thus put the rest of the frame in shadow ... it's trickier though.