Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Condomania ... and Martini ...

The rumors started on Sunday and heads started exploding (just read the comments on that one!). American Papist has a decent roundup. Definitely bears watching ...

And finally, here's a full translation of L'Espresso's interview with Cardinal Maritni from Sandro Magister (again, causing some regions of the blogosphere to go apoplectic. Maybe apocalyptically apoplectic? :-)Not that some things he said aren't problematic ... ) Magister does have a tendency to, perhaps, over-dramatize things
To the Church hierarchy, Martini says that “prohibitions and no’s will not be very useful, above all if they are premature, even if sometimes one will need to be able to say them.” The Church’s task is rather “to form consciences, teach the discernment of the best choice in every situation, and give the profound reasons for good actions.”

Last April 6, speaking to the young people packed into St. Peter’s Square, Benedict XVI recommended to them the “many wonderful books by cardinal Martini, a true master of ‘lectio divinia’, which help us to enter into the living world of Sacred Scripture.”

Two weeks later, cardinal Martini responded with the first great act of opposition to this pontificate from the upper levels of the Church.
Really now, this can hardly be called a personal thing between Martini and Benedict. Martini has been known for years as the "liberal" within the College of Cardinals. He's expressing his mind. He's older than the Pope. And really, not Papabile any more, in my opinion.

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