Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cheraw II

Here's some pictures from a previous trip (well, the top one was this last visit).

The Matheson house, the place were Sherman camped during his stay. (Literally. His generals stayed in the house. He camped in the front yard!)

St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Cheraw is also the home of Bishop Patrick Lynch, (mentioned below)

That was his house ...

And here is an interior shot of St. Peter's Church.

[And here's a link to a map showing the location of Cheraw]


assiniboine said...

Hmmm...Bishop Patrick Lynch, eh?

One of my more improbable adventures (I really must write all this down, as dinner companions keep telling me when they get trapped in one of my anecdotes) was getting into post-revolution Iran from Soviet-occupied Afghanistan in 1979. The American Embassy had not yet been seized (and of course the Canadian Embassy had not yet done its thing of spiriting out all manner of American personnel: that was when Americans liked us!), the Ayatollah Khomeini had not yet arrived from France, and the ill-starred Shahpour Bhaktiar was attempting his failed Kerensky-style social democratic republic. Hmmm...wherever did Shahpour Bakhtiar wind up? Kerensky lived out his days in California, I believe.

But people were VERY nervous about being nice to westerners ("Psst...hello...speak English...don't look at me! ... I am actually very fond of Westerners!...DON'T LOOK AT ME!..."

But in the course of trying to get through Iran I unfortunately had got friendly with a New Zealander named Lynch. In New Zealand English of course pronounced "Lunch." Serious delay.

"What you are meaning is saying is name is Lunch? Passport is saying name is Lynch!"

Gashwin said...

Oh my!

M, really --- you must write all your adventures down!