Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And speaking of the Bible ...

... here's one that I would really like to get! It's a new edition of the Revised Standard Edition CE by Ignatius, incoroprating the guidelines of Liturgiam Authenticam [I recall the uproar when LA came out, -- predictable reactions on each "side" -- and never quite understood why it was felt necessary that the Nova Vulgata be the standard for all modern Catholic translations. But I really didn't pay that much attention to the details, and frankly, I haven't read LA in years].

Many thanks to Michael Dubruiel -- the only author I have in Amazon's cool Plog feature. This is what he wrote that showed up on my Plog: [yep, that's a variant of "plug" I guess!]
Speaking of Ignatius Press, they have just released one of the most beautiful Bibles done in recent years, with the production of their newly revised Catholic edition of the Revised Standard Version. This version is not the "New" Revised Standard Version, but neither is it the "Old" Revised Standard Version, but rather a new version of the RSV that is in conformity with Liturgiam Authenticum (a Vatican document on accurate translations for use in the Mass). One of the principle qualities of this new Bible is that the "thee's and thou's" are gone from the translation of the Psalms. I bought the beautiful leather cover version, which on Amazon is a steal at $25.00 (check out the retail price). When I received it and handled it in my hands, I couldn't believe that was all I paid for it. Besides the beautiful leather cover with gold stampted iconography of the Jesus Pantocrater and the Four Gospels, the text is printed on non-glare paper, nice line letting and it opens nicely in the palm of your hand.
I'm sold.

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