Friday, April 07, 2006

Amy in SC

... I thought the talks went off splendidly. Maybe 200-250 at each location, mainly Catholic, mainly parishioners, which is where the publicity seemed to get most traction, with students scattered in. The weather definitely was a distraction -- both days were gorgeous Carolina spring days. And then there was the Clemson-USC baseball match (.... grr ... which we lost). Anyhoo, the talk itself was great. Slight differences in emphasis on each day. I loved the way she pulled it all together, pretty much along these lines:
What is the temptation of the DVC version of Jesus - which is just the usual, spineless Jesus that so many of us are drawn to, rather than the Jesus of the Gospels who tells us to pick up our cross, love our enemies and feed the hungry.
But a lot more powerful with her great delivery! The questions were all from "friendly types:" more at Carolina than the Citadel: does Dan Brown believe this stuff? What about the role of women? Is there, ought there be, an ethics of writing fiction?

Of course, a part of me wonders: was it just preaching to the choir? Well, that was to be expected. After all, if a Dan Brown devotee saw the flier or visited the website, they'd hardly be moved to attend. However, you know what -- the choir does need preaching to. Because, at times, we're so beset by doubts and questions, we need a good, solid dose of preaching. And reason. A reminder that the alternatives are not (as Amy put it), being "englightened" or just having "blind faith." St. Paul tells us to encourage one another. And in the face of not just the Da Vinci Code, but so many challenges from every side, encouragement is indeed more than helpful, but essential.

Anyway: I thought it rocked!

Now to sleep. There's Holy Week still ahead! :-)

:: update :: Amy has a post up on the SC talks.

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