Monday, March 06, 2006

Wandering around the Centro Storico ...

Did I mention yet that it was windy (so much for which said grey skies, rain and temps in the lower 60s.) and friggin cold? The wind roaring out through a narrow alley was just killing.

From the Vatican we took the subway to Flaminio and walked through the Porta del Popolo into the Piazza of the same name. The Church of S. Maria del Popolo was closed ...

... the wind didn't seem to bother these folks though .

We'll be back at 4 pm when it reopens (this afternoon closing of Roman churches is one of the most annoying things about Rome. The bigger basilicas stay open, the smaller ones? I guess these Romans want you to enjoy your lunch and take a nap and not just tire yourself out, eh?)

Wandered down the V. di Ripeta, and then strolled past Augustus' tomb, winding our way through narrow cobble lined streets to end up back at the Piazza della Rotonda.

The oculus, and the dome, are as breathtaking as every. Yes, Ms. Mason is right that this reminds one of the stoic simpliity of classical Rome.

And to think those insouciant Romans held a fishmarket in front of the Pantheon until the mid-ninteenth century! Posted by Picasa

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