Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Talk about fanciful! :-)

Purcell's Chicken Voluntary: A Fanciful History of Western Civilisation [Via Open Book]

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assiniboine said...

I trust you do appreciate that Purcell's Trumpet Voluntary was actually written by the lovelorn Jeremiah Clarke, organist of Westminster Abbey, who hanged himself in despair over a mismanaged romance, and that its real title is "The Prince of Denmark's March." Said Prince of Denmark being the unfortunate Prince George, consort of Queen Anne, whose girth became so prodigious that she had to be entombed in a square coffin, and whose uncle Charles II had said of him, "I have tried him drunk and I have tried him sober and there is nothing in him." Do bear all this in mind the next time you hear it played as a wedding processional.