Saturday, March 04, 2006

Someone's trying their hand at cricket ....

maybe a bouncer will do the trick? :-D


Qbeedoo said...

I presumed that with an Indian name you would well know that getting the ball to the batsman is called 'bowling' (not pitching), and that balls are bowled in an 'over' of 6 balls.
I note that the ball being bowled at President Bush is a tennis ball (and relatively soft compared to a cricket ball, which would really make him flinch if it hit him!).

I was drawn to your site by ZENIT/Any Welborn/Photo of AW by you!. Also share your love for S. Mary Major - a unique atmosphere, and we were lucky to be in the Church when the manger relics were being displayed!


Gashwin said...

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! Am quite familiar with all the cricket terms (one can't but be, growing up in India) ... the article I linked to wasn't written by me, but by AOL news, so you can imagine how they Americanized the stuff ... :-)

I'm with you on S. Mary Major --- and Roma! :-)