Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some night shots ...

We took this long walk after dinner (at Campo di Fiori -- remember that Gelateria, Dogwood? :-)) to the Piazza di Navonna, the Pantheon, and spent an hour sitting in front of the Fontana di Trevi.
The Pantheon. The temple to Hadrian (later incorporoated into the Borso, the Roman stock exchange. Now a museum.)
Fontana di Trevi. The waters are from an aqueduct that goes back to 10BC!
The shoes of Co-ray (who's visiting from Cambridge, UK)

Other highlights -- visiting St. Peter in Chains (with the chains reputed to have bound St. Peter in Jerusalem and in the Mamertine prison in Rome), and the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls, where we joined the Benedictine monks for vespers followed by Benediction! Simply heavenly!

Most hilarious moment of the day: while we're sitting there in front of the fountain. A large gaggle of rambunctious middle-aged American women lined up to get their picture taken, screamin', hootin' and hollerin' and obviously having a whale of a time, disturbing the peace, reminding us of how we're sometimes tempted to say we're Canadian [well, I can get away with the Apu-nod and "I'm Indian" thing ... :-)]. At the end, as they dispersed, one came up to us, and with wide-eyes looked at J and pointed to herself saying, "Americano!" We died laughing. Like we hadn't noticed! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...


You said, "remember that Gelateria, Dogwood?"

Why yes, I do. It was quite good!

btw....Do you remember how to say, "Strawberry" in Italian?



Anonymous said...


BTW.... J's camera is doing a wonderful job with the night shots capturing the white light.

The metering is quite accurate!

Kudos to J!



St. Izzy said...

For Gashwin, Dogwood, and Gashwin again:


Did no one think to tell the poor woman that she was a woman?


Fragola. But I recommend the malaga when you can find it (as I did by chance in a gelateria with a narrow balcony overlooking the piazza in Sienna).

Gashwin again,

From the front porch of the Pantheon, look toward the fountain. There is a street out of the piazza at about 1:30. A few steps up the street, it forks. In that fork is the best granita in the city. Try the caffe with cream. Then go confess your sins.

Izzy, who awoke this AM from a dream in which he and Lizzy were in Roma -- a consummation devoutly to be wished

Gashwin said...

Dogwood, no confusing the "a" for an "e" in (Italian) strawberry this time ... :-)

Izzy -- ooooh --- will have to check that out! No, we didn't have time to correct her grammar -- we were too busy laughing! :)