Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"The single most exciting moment in art ... "

Rubbing your hand over Adam's naked body on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Uh. Sure. A column on the "rude, puerile and tad pornographic" Michelangelo. With a reference to Pope Benedict as "Uncle Fester" to boot! These Brits ... ! The picture presented here reminds me of the portrait of the childish and vulgar Mozart from "Amadeus."


assiniboine said...

Forgive the repetition but no one seems game to comment in public.

Actually that article was hilarious, and whether in good taste or no, certainly puts paid to the notion that we Infidels can't take a joke. I appreciate that you weren't overcome with mirth but I doubt you're out burning embassies.

Gashwin said...

Oh I laughed too, it was so funny! But yes! I'm going to burn the Polish embassy -- the author has a Polish name ... ! :-)