Friday, March 03, 2006

Roma bella! (Photos, March 3, Set 3)

A little water fountain, Borgo Vittorio, near St. Peter's. Looks kinda ghostly!

The Largo di Torre Argentina. Ancient temple complex, possible site of Julius Ceasar's death.

And also home to some 350 cats, cared for by volunteers. Don't abandon your cats here! Sterilize them again! (Another sign suggested this was better than having a "river of kittens with no future")

One of the beloved gatti. It's not inconceivable that Pope Benedict, whose love for felines is legendary, might sneak out here to play with his friends!
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chez said...

what's the connection between Julius Ceasar and the felines?. I need to go figure out!

I missed going to Caesaria while in Israel, I guess the remains of his palace still exists there. Maybe, the next time!

Gashwin said...

Hmm -- only that now cats reside in the sacred temple complex where he, millenia ago, was murdered. :-)

You should go to Rome too! :)