Thursday, March 02, 2006

Off to Rome ....

... in a copule of hours! Can't wait! And hard to believe. I'm still in "work mode" mentally .... :-) Will blog as I can from the Eternal City.

:: Update :: Sitting at CAE airport. The flight to Newark is late by 45 min. Probably just traffic out of the NYC area getting down here. A bit of a goofball start to the trip. Forgot to drop the rent check off at the apartment. So, asked C (who dropped us at the airport) to take it by the office. Except I forgot to give him the check. So, back out through security -- find a postal vending machine, get an envelope from the sweet lady at the information counter [she's going to Budapest next month, she informs me], go back through security and then .... dagnabit! ... I've left my camera at home! Aaaargh! Luckily J has one. A nice new Canon Powershot A610. Guess I'll be teaching myself how to use a Canon. Hoo boy. At least CAE has free wireless.

[There's bad weather in the NYC area. We're on a 130 pm ATC hold delay. Still time for the connection though!]


Jennifer said...

I will pray for a safe flight. What a wonderful Lenten experience! I can't wait to read about it.

chez said...

Bon Voyage!. What a way to spend Lent! :)

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Enjoy the Eternal City and your (let's hope) encounter with the Divine Feminine.

Jealously yours,

Anonymous said...


No camera? No!!!!!!!