Wednesday, March 08, 2006

O Roma Nobilis ...

Well it's midnight, and yet another visit to my favorite spot on the planet draws to a close. Seriously, I think I'll stop by on my way to India this summer.

For now, it's arrividerci. In the morning we get up early to take the train to Fiumicino and then wing our way back to the US of A. Thanks for following along y'all. Hope you enjoyed it. [At least the Carolinas are a bit warmer ... :-D]

Here's an anonymous 9th century poem, that sums it up.

O Roma nobilis, orbis et domina,
Cunctarum urbium excellentissima,
Roseo martyrum sanguine rubea,
Albis et virginum liliis candida,
Salutem dicimus tibi per omnia
Te benedicimus: salve per saecula

O noble Rome, mistress of the world.
Most excellent of all cities.
Stained red with the red blood of martyrs,
Decorated with the white lilies of virgins,
For all we salute thee
We bless thee: hail for all ages!


chez said...

lovely. How I wish you were here a little longer and I continued enjoying your posts each day. Am I selfish? :).
Thanks for those posts. You could have just enjoyed your time without bothering to share!. I appreciate your gesture!

Gashwin said...

Oh --- how could I not share? I'm thinking of putting my travelogues from previous Rome visits up on the blog (these were well before I entered the blogosphere) ... of course, it might not happen, given that I'll have to dig them up and compile them and all that ...