Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Monks of Tibhirine

A beautiful story, also from Zenit, about a friend of the slain monks who's trying to stir interest in the spiritual legacy of the men murdered a decade ago by radical Islamists. The testament of Dom Christian, the abbot, who prayed for his murderers, is powerful stuff.
For this life lost, totally mine and totally theirs, I thank God, who seems to have willed it entirely for the sake of that JOY in everything and in spite of everything.

In this THANK YOU, which is said for everything in my life from now on, I certainly include you, friends of yesterday and today, and you, my friends of this place, along with my mother and father, my sisters and brothers and their families -- you are the hundredfold granted as was promised!

And also you, my last-minute friend, who will not have known what you were doing:

Yes, I want this THANK YOU and this GOODBYE to be a "GOD BLESS" for you, too, because in God's face I see yours.

May we meet again as happy thieves in Paradise, if it please God, the Father of us both.



onionboy said...

For what you said over at Amy's - thank you. God bless.

matt butler said...

That is great! the book about the monks is so moving.