Friday, March 03, 2006

Groggy in Rome ...

... so. Siamo arrivati! The flight over was quite uneventful ... a loud group of college kids decided to stay up all night. Luckily, the seat next to me was empty (J was a few rows ahead) so I could stretch my legs and get some zzzs. Never had an issue with airline food --- until now! Realized I hadn't made provisions for my Lenten diet so the "chicken or beef" option wasn't great. However, the person who was supposed to be next to me didn't make the flight, and had reserved a "strict vegetarian" meal --- which turned out to be an Indian meal (prouldy prepared by Jyoti Inc. somewhere in Pennsylvania), a rather greasy paneer mutter, rice and some unidentifiable glob that might have been dal. But the irony!

Woke up at 1:30 am (well into the morning in Europe) with the Alps beneath us, and with a few cups of tea in me, said Lauds as we started our descent. A rather windy landing on a cloudy, brisk day into Fiumicino. By 1030 am (CET) we were checked into this really neat B&B near Termini. I mean the room is gorgeous! And the propriertor is über-friendly! His wi-fi router is down, so he set up an ADSL connection on my laptop!

I've gotten a new Italian SIM card (won't be active until tomorrow) so I'll be well connected here, with a mobile phone as well. Y'all know me and my gadgetry ... :)

Now for a nap --- and then to the Vatican. Ciao tutti!


Anonymous said...


It appears that you are safe in Roma and currently visiting the Vatican. A wonderful way to start the trip. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember the scent of the Roman air. When away, you may encounter a smell that will spark the memory.

BTW…I am pleased to learn you are “gadgetly” satisfied with your accommodations. Again, I’m sorry to hear that you lack your camera on this journey (unfortunately you can not borrow mine this week).

Have fun, enjoy the city and stay out of trouble.



chez said...

Coool. Good to hear that you are having a good time in Roma:).

Would you be seeing the Pope?.
Hope to see some pictures soon!

Gashwin said...

Thanks, Dogwood. The pictures are up. I don't know if the Pope will be doing his Sunday Angelus appearance in St. Peter's. If so, we'll see him. He doesn't have his weekly audience on Wednesday because of the Lenten retreat.