Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Feast of SS. Perepetua & Felicity: Assisi (I)

Got up early to catch the 8:16 regional train to Perugia, which dropped us off at Assisi (the time spent mainly dozing) at 10:31. The approach to the town is beautiful, with the houses and buildings clustered on the side of the hill, and snowcapped Umbrian peaks rolling away from it.

It was even colder than yesterday. And windier. Ugh. Spent a good 20 minutes waiting for the city bus to show up to take us up to the centro storico and the Basilica.
You can see why the Basilica of St. Francis, built over his tomb shortly after his death, dominates the landscape. Here's a view of the surrounding countryside from the street leading up to the Basilica.

Here's another view, on approach to the Basilica. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...


If I knew you were stopping in Perugia, I would have asked you to look for my friend Giovanni. I knew him well when he attended the University in my hometown.

Love the pictures of your journey.

We need to see the whole collection when you return.



Gashwin said...

Yo Dogwood -- we took the train to Perugia, but got off in Assisi. Not that I'd mind exploring the Umbrian countryside ... ma, si mancava il tempo. No time!

Didn't know you had a friend in Perugia -- you didn't try to get in touch with him when we were here two years ago?