Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Assisi (II) Basilica of St. Francis: more pictures

Here's some more shots of the Basilica.

View of the coutyard from the terrace in front of the Upper Church.

Photography is prohibited inside the Basilical. I did sneak a few shots, but didn't want to cause a scene by trying to take pictures of the frescoes. This one is of an old music stand in the middle of the choir in the apsidal area of the Upper Church. [The area around the transept was under construction and hidden by scaffolding. :: sigh ::. The large signs everywhere proscribing photography, videography, mobile phones, etc. didn't prevent one construction worker, perched high on the scaffolding, from answering her phone. O questi Italian! Pazzi per i telefonini!]. The frecoes are simply breathtaking, especially the series in the upper church that illustrates the Life of St. Francis. My favorite? The one of the Saint preaching to the birds! He absolutely meant it when he said the Gospel was to be proclaimed to every creature! [There are photos at the official site of the Basilica.]

Another view of the rear apse (is this the proper term for the rear of a gothic church?).

And here's a shot of the wooden choir stalls. Posted by Picasa

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