Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Along the Via del Corso ...

After the we Vatican headed to the V. del Corso for some shopping. Nothing really up my alley -- I did pick up a cool silk tie for like 8€. J had spotted a skirt there on Sunday, but couldn't locate the store. Bummer!


This was some kind of a political party demonstration or booth. Elections are coming up in April, ya know. Interesting backdrop to the beautiful fountains in the Piazza della Colonna.


Lots of people were out and about enjoying the weather. "Don't they work?" J inquired? Chi sa ... chi sa ... :-)


A view acoss the Piazza del Popolo to the twin churches of S. Maria di Montesanto and S. Maria dei Miracoli. That's the Via del Corso in the middle.


Sipping tea in the late afternoon sun.

We took the subway back from Flaminio. It was as crowded as the morning. For some reason, I got off one stop earlier (at Repubblica), and realizing this, we backtracked down. While on the escalator, a man passed us by and totally groped J's rear. Right there. In front of everyone. And walked on further down. "Welcome to my life for the past week!" as I stood stunned in shock. I mean I've heard of the travails of women travelers, and J's been complaining all week (This morning, apparently a priest was the culprit, right there in the Sistine Chapel! At least it seemed to be on the pretext of edging past her in the crowd. But still.). And it's not like "eve teasing" (as it's called in India. Besides, guys are not immune to the phenomenon -- from other men! -- on the crowded suburban trains of Bombay) is a new phenomenon. So I don't know why it's so surprising. SHEESH! Posted by Picasa

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