Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ah -- so that's what that headline meant ...

Saw something in an edition of yesterday's La Stampa while on the Metro to the Vatican: "Papa Ratzinger: più spazio per le donne nella chiesa" (Papa Ratzinger: more room for women in the church)

Here's a story from The [Australian] Age. Of course, a story where the Pope talks about the role of women, even some kind of "enhancement" of their role, is headlined "Papal no to women." Why else would anyone read it, right? And what the heck is meant by,
Experts say that the pontiff's remarks, coming just before International Women's Day on March 8, could lead to women playing a more visible role near the altar, provided they had no contact with the sacraments.
No contact with the sacraments? Really? "Don't touch the Eucharist! It's for men alone!" Or "Don't get baptized, it's for men alone!" Or "Don't get married, only men can confer the sacrament?" Come on. This is basic stuff!

Anyway, don't have the time to chase down the original remarks -- since I have to blog on today's wanderings around the eternal city.

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