Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ah! Mosaics!

That's the apse at one of my favs: S. Paolo fuori le Mura. St. Paul Oustide the Walls. Where Paul was buried. We ended up there (on the recent trip to Rome) just as Vespers were beginning. Oh divine chant! As I looked up towards the end of the service, I noticed that the mosaic had been illuminated, so managed to sneak this picture in. It's now my desktop background.


assiniboine said...

Take a look at this, for something considerably closer to home -- and improbable in the extreme:

For all its Byzantine layout and Group of Seven iconography (the Group of Seven having been an early school of Canadian painters) St Anne's is an extremely heartily low church Anglican parish, whose "minister" [sic] presides at the Eucharist in a surplice at the North End of the Table [sic].

Gashwin said...

Well I never! It's beautiful! Now to to something about that "Table" ... hehe .... :-)

assiniboine said...

Well, yes and no. For all my fondness for well-executed Catholic liturgy and music (and -- with a few caveats -- doctrine, for that matter) I think it rather charming that there is one little corner of the anglophone world where Samuel Pepys and Jonathan Swift would feel entirely at home. "Pre-tractarian sermons" and "Tallis's tune to Ken," as John Betjeman put it.