Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So this will be home ...

I'm up in DC at what will be my new home (for the next several years) after August. Feels weird. Totally cool to catch up with R, who was in choir with me at UR (gosh, how long ago?), and is now a novice. My future superior, it turns out, is at a conference. Anyhoo, he'll have enough time to lay down the law later on, I'm sure :)R's been graciously answering all the questions I've peppered him with ...

So next year remains excitingly, exhileratingly, nervously, apprehensively nebulous still. Oh well. Abraham could do it, leaving Ur of the Chaldeans. And so many others down the road. I'll survive :)

[And I better get to bed soon --- morning prayer's at seven forty five! :)]


Jennifer said...

I don't know you, but I am very proud of you. I don't know that much about the Paulists. At one time I was considering entering the Daughters of St. Paul. They had a convent/bookstore in Chicago and I visited there on three occassions. I've always liked St. Paul ever since the first time I read his letters to Timothy. Maybe I should read those again to light a little fire in my heart.

DC isn't terribly far from Roanoke - where I live. Maybe I can make a trip up there some time to see visit the Paulists and the Daughters of St. Paul. I'm sure that I would learn a lot.

Thank you for what you are doing. Men like you are the life of the church. Say hello to Pope Benedict for me. I miss JPII very much, but we have been blessed with Benedict.

Gashwin said...

Jennifer -- thanks for the support!

Just to clarify: the Paulists are not directly affiliated with the Daughters of St. Paul (though, obviously, we share a similar charism, having St. Paul as our patron and model). The latter is part of the Society of St. Paul (the Paulines), started by Blessed Alberione in the early 20th century. [Don't worry, not too many people know all these fine distinctions. When in Italy, everyone just assumes "i Paolini" when I insisit "i Paulisti!" :)]

The Paulists were the first order to be started in North America, and describe themselves as missionaries to America. I'm excited to hear that the cause for the canonization of the founder, Fr. Isaac Hecker may be formally starting soon. [Why'd it take so long, I wonder?]

You'll be welcome to visit in DC though --- once I've settled in the novitiate and figured out the routine ... :)

Please continue to pray for me.

And yes, do go read some St. Paul. He rocks ... :)