Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Selling God's Love ...

so the parish email got its third announcement from USCCB Publishing, advertising the new publication of the Pope's first encyclical, "God is Love." What's not mentioned is that a neat .pdf version of the text is available on their website! Come on guys --- you're offering the text free! Be proud of that! (Of course, the blogosphere beat 'em --- Clayton Emmer had a .pdf text out the week the encyclical came out).

Not that it wouldn't be nice to have a few print copies floating around -- heck, I might get some just to show my appreciation of the USCCB's magnanimity on this occasion! At $6.96 a pop it's not a bad deal. But then, I'd much prefer the beautiful edition put out by Cantagalli .... wait! I'll be able to! In a week or so! :-)


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Available here as well.

I often find it easier to read things that require concentration, re-reading, etc., from real bound paper. Something about not being distracted by the laptop fan, overheated left knee, etc.

chez said...

same with me here. There's nothing like reading from a book :). I've been trying hard to get hold of classics like Orthodoxy by GK Chesteron, I know its on the web for free, but prefer to wait to read it till i get hold of the real one.

This one is just 25 I'm going to download and print it out :). thanks for the links!

Gashwin said...

Do read it! That's what I keep telling everyone with respect to the new encyciical. It's so beautiful and captivating!

Orthodoxy is a great book. Is it not available in India? Let me know, I'll be glad to bring a copy when I'm there next (this summer).