Sunday, February 12, 2006

Orangeburg Massacre: 38 years on

Not to be forgotten!
"It's been 38 years and there are still unanswered questions. It seems to me that it would help all, for the healing process, for such an investigation to take place," Hugine said.

Gov. Jim Hodges, a Democrat, was the first governor to come to the ceremony on South Carolina State's campus observing the deaths.

Three years ago, Republican Gov. Mark Sanford surprised many when he issued a statement saying the state apologized for the event during the 35th anniversary.

A bill, introduced in the state Senate last year, would have created a three-member panel to look into the Orangeburg Massacre and recommend what compensation should be made to the victims and their families. The bill died quietly, suffering the same fate as a similar bill a year earlier.

"I hope that it is more than South Carolina State that stops and pauses to remember this event because while it did happen on the campus of South Carolina State University it involves the entire state of South Carolina," Hugine said.
I can hear it now: "we gave them their friggin memorial on the State House and the Flag. Don't get too darn uppity now!" Sheesh.

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