Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Now maybe we should ask them about the cartoons instead?

Hindu gods reject Himalayan ski-resort. [Via Relapsed Catholic]. It's the kind of story that would make one shake their head and sarcastically deploy that tired slogan from the 45th anniversary of Independence, "Mera Bharat Mahaan" --- "My India is great."
Nine out of 10 gods who expressed a preference said the village would be inimical to the valley's interests.

As so often with religion, however, things were not as simple as they first appeared. Suspicious minds noted that Maheshwar Singh, the "king" of Kullu, is a former MP for the Hindu-nationalist BJP party, sections of which are against foreign intervention.

Mr Sims could barely conceal his irritation. "The gods were asked all the wrong questions," he said.

The Himalayan Ski Village has been rejected "as it is presented" to the gods.

As keen students of the Hindu religion, Mr Ford and Mr Sims will know that, when the correct offerings are made, the gods are often open to persuasion.

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