Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Listening to the Bible ...

[Well, that was a longer hiatus than I'd expected. I can't convey just how much is piled up on my plate. All I can say is .... the countdown to Rome is on!]

This morning found me bright and early driving down to Mount Pleasant (near Charleston) to meet with the Honorary Italian Consul. When I woke up I decided it wouldn't be a complete waste of an almost 4 hour roundtrip drive time if I could listen to a book of the Bible, specifically Exodus, since we're going over the whole idea of covenant in my Tech class. (Hey, if I'm going to ask the students to read something, I'd better make sure and read it too!) So, I searched the iTunes music store for a bible podcast ... there were a few, but none that had gotten to Exodus yet. I did find this cool site however, that has all the books of the Bible available in mp3 format (and several different languages as well!). The translation is the World English Bible, a public domain translation designed for reading. It's not bad. Certainly better than the NAB, but let's not go there ...

Anyway, I pretty muched listened to all 40 of the chapters of the Book of Exodus on the drive. I must say, it's a very interesting experience listening to the Bible. For one, one catches a whole different set of details, and doesn't have to bother with distracting footnotes that interrupt the flow of the text [phone calls are another thing altogether]. I've never actually heard the Bible on tape (or on iPod in this case) before, and I quite enjoyed the exeprerience. I've a feeling I'll be downloading many more books, especially of the Old Testament. [It's been years since I've actually read the Old Testament seriously. The snippets one gets at Mass are few, and generally get swallowed up by their being linked to the Gospel. Besides, one would be forgiven if one thought at times that the Old Testament consistent of not much other than the Prophet Isaiah ]

And probbably, it's the only way to really get through all the mind-numbing detail of legislation and ritual instruction in the latter part of Exodus and pretty much the entire book of Leviticus. [I wouldn't recommend driving while listening the first eight chapters of 1 Chronicles either. Not conducive to staying focused on the road, I would imagine!]

[On a separate note, it always takes one back, just how bloody the Bible is. But that's a whole another conversation...]

Here's some cool Bible Podcasts:
The Bible Podcast: so far, they have Genesis, Romans, John and are working through Hebrews.

One Year Bible on Radio: what it says!

Another Bible in a Year podcast.

And not the Bible per se, but here's the Praystation Portable, that lets you download the Church's daily liturgy every day.

[And yes, the meeting with the Honorary Consul was successful, in that it took him barely 5 minutes to glance over my application and stamp it. Now to overnight it to Miami ... which is where the visa will come from ... ]

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