Saturday, February 11, 2006

Battlestar Galactica rules!

Tonight's episode was just ... oh man ... awesome!

I loved the way the personal lives of the characters, their emotional entanglements, were combined so skillfully with the high-octane adventure setting they found themselves in! The acting rocks!

And I cannot believe they killed a rather important secondary character! Gosh! The fact that I feel sad just goes to show how they've got us all wrapped around their fingers!

And oy --- they've got you feeling sorry for the Cylons.

[Don't you love the non-spoiler review? :-)]


[Side note 1: TWC's "Startover" feature sucks. Trying to be TiVo without the DVR. Nowhere near it. It dropped to live about 4 minutes after we'd started viewing. Most frustrating! Luckily, at the next commercial break we could start it again and view the whole episode. Phew. I'd've been really p/oed else!]

[Side note 2: I've been thinking of upgrading the laptop before seminary starts. It's settled that it'll be a Mac. After tonight's episode, C's good friend A took me back to his place to show just how easy it would be to network PCs and Macs. That way I can keep the PC desktop and have a nice Macbook. :-) Maybe even the new Macbook Pro with the Intel Chip. We shall see. Apart from the educational value of that visit, it was thrilling to ride in A's 2005 Corvette. Talk about G forces while negotiating Beltline Blvd! Hoo boy! And, really really neat to see his pictures from a recent visit to Mac HQ in Cupertino, with photos of him in front of the iTunes Music Store. The store. As in the 2500 odd servers that are the physical imprint of this virtual reality. Neato! (A, incidentally, is the creator of X-Plane, one of the coolest flight sim products there is.)]


Mark Mossa, SJ said...


I realized how much I was into the show when I find myself hoping that she would kill Mrs. Ty! That would have been much more satisfying then poor "you-know-who."

The episode was refreshing after Atlantis which, I have to say, was kind of dull.


Gashwin said...

Oh, I completely agree. There was a corus of "Kill her!" when she was grabbed by the terrorists. It was also her stupid facial expression that gives the game away when Kara comes in to do the "repair" job.

The series has slowed down a bit. The black market episode, IMO was the worst so far. Self-contained, everything nicely tied up, and absolutely not furthering the plot. I can't wait for that nuke that's floating about the Fleet now, to come into play.

And Sharon? Wow ... that's all I'll say.