Thursday, February 16, 2006


The Gospel at today's Mass, Mark 8:27-33, is Mark's account of Peter's confession of Jesus as the Christ, Jesus' praise of Peter, the first prediction of the Passion, and Jesus' rebuke of Peter.

At the daily Mass in the beautiful chapel here (oh man the acoustics rock), Fr. B took the tack that what Peter had to give up was his attachments to thinking the way human beings do, to thinking the way the world does. This thinking with the world infects a Christian's thoughts. He (she) needs to think with God's mind (or something to that effect). And then, further, that we need to give up our attachments, to be purified.

Well, how very appropriate. Especially when he said "such as this attachment for books that some of us have." And not just the material attachments (of which, I have relatively few). But the good ones, the ones to rootedness and community, to home, to independence.

Such excitement! Such fear!

[What gave the homily an added power was that Father has brain cancer. At breakfast he said that he feels that the Lord is stripping him away of everything. To see him at the altar, offering the Divine Victim, and all our lives with Him, takes on a whole new level of meaning.]

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hmmm...inspiring indeed!