Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yep --- it's Jan. 25!

The Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul Release date for Deus caritas est (Via Zadok, who also has a little fisk of a Telegraph story on the encyclical. Yes we know. They just do not get it.)

The Yahoo News/Reuters story.

And Rocco translates the ad-lib remarks of the Pope, who it seems, announced the release himself in a talk for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. (He just loves ad-libbing, doesn't he!)

There is eros; this gift of love between man and woman which comes from the same font of the Creator's goodness, and with it the possibility of a love which gives itself in favor of another, that eros transforms itself in agape only by the measure by which two people who really love each other become, finally, no longer about more for themselves, their own joy and their own happiness, but above all become about the good of the other person. And this eros transforms itself in love in a path of purification, of greater depth. It opens itself then into the family, which then opens itself toward the larger family of society, toward the family of the Church, toward the family of the world.

And I'm eager also to show that the most personal act of love, which comes to us from God, is a singular act of love. This must express itself also as an ecclesial act, an organizational one. If it's really true that the Church is the expression of God's love, from that which God has made for his human creature must also come the fundamental act of the faith which creates and unites the Church and gives us the hope of eternal life and that the presence of God in the world, producing an ecclesial act. In practice, the Church, as with a Church, as with a community, must love in an institutional way.
Breathe. Deeply. One. More. Week.


Napoleon said...

Please Post a large and exuberant post when you are officially accepted and know that you will be going to D.C.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Just a small question: what does "fisk" mean? I've been seeing it a lot, but haven't been able to garner a consistent meaning from contexts.

Thought you might be able to illuminate my mind.

Gashwin said...

Jeff: wilco. "End of Jan" is what I've been told.

St. Liz: It derives from the name of journalist Robert Fisk, who has been a frequent target of fisking, i.e. having his article taken apart point by point in a highly critical manner. Here's one definition.