Sunday, January 29, 2006

Xīnnián kuàilè

2006 is the Year of the Dog

Happy Chinese New Year!


Or, the more traditional Gōngxǐ fācái 恭喜发财


angelmeg said...

We Gradual School Students went out to a Chinese Restaurant for Dinner and celebrated the New Year by giving fortune cookies and sparklers to our classes this weekend. (it was the best we could do)

That was in between studying really really hard of course.

Happy Year of the Dog!


Gashwin said...

Back at ya Maggie!

Hehe -- one of the funniest incidents of my recent trip to China was asking the taxi driver who was taking me around the sight in Beijing, about fortune cookies. He'd never heard of them! He didn't understand me either. The phrase wasn't in my phrasebook, but I looked up "Cookie" and then tried to explain "fortune." He was most bewildered.

They must be an American invention. Or probably something from the Cantonese part of China ...

Ahh -- don't miss the guilt of gradual school. It will be back again soon enough!

Napoleon said...

Hooray for all those born in 1982,'90, '98 and 2006: We are loyal friends and trustworthy people*. Happy Year of the Dog.

*I did always find it odd that somehow everyone born in the same year had exactly the same qualities. Crazy huh.