Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh my word ...

In the latest First Things, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus wonders about a "Truce of 2005" akin to the one of 1968 (basically, non-enforcement of Humanae Vitae) over the whole gays in the priesthood flap. While a fan of Fr. Neuhaus' delicious polemic in his "Public Square" ramble in First Things, on many subjects, I find myself disagreeing. This particular one covers a lot of ground What is eyebrow raising is not the subject matter (opinion on what the recent Instruction actually means is, as is well known, quite divided, and it will be interpreted in a variety of different ways, for sure), but the ease with which Fr. Neuhaus seems to suggest that this issue will test the mettle and determine the legacy, in a sense of this papacy.

It's all very good to be for the Pope. But he could do with a reminder from the us once in a while, about What Really Matters?

Anyway, Mark Mossa, full of umbrage, defends the honor of the Society of Jesus, and rips into Fr. Neuhaus.

You go Mark!

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